“How To Make OurSelves Become To Remain Young”

People all over the world have many problem in their life. One problem that we can find around us is old problem. Sometimes we find someone look at older than their ege. It can make they are feel so sad, afraid and dissapoint.

Normally, this feeling always be happen to woman, because almost every woman want to look younger although their age are getting add.

Generally, feeling to remain young or looking young is a dream for everyone. There are many ways that the people especially woman do to make their appearance visible younger, like change their nose form, change their chin form or another and using chemical substances. They are not dread again to waste their money for that. But sometimes, that ways can make they are feel dissapoint and frustrate because its yield is not suitable with their hope.

As human, we must brave to try face a reality that happen to our selves. We must also consider that sooner or later we will face the days that can make we feel older than our age. But we must not feel dissapoint or frustrate.

Naturally, there are things that can make someone visible to remain young.

First : Face all of the problem easy without forget about the real problem and looking for an entertainment or make your self in busy. And then, drift away your angry because an angry can waste your energy and it will be bad effects to your body.

If we can solve the thing easy and quiet, why we must solve it in tense situation.

Second : Jealously and envious will be harmfull effects to your sirculation of the blood. Face angry people easy and don’t you keep it in your heart. And also, don’t care about the things that another people do and don’t vonis them.

Third : The world always to turn…

If you still at down, don’t be hopeless. There is a time you will arrive at the top. You must remember that you will fall in down one day.

Except and face a suffer surrender and pray to the God because a suffer always take a wisdom like a happiness. And don’t forget about your fisic, you must take care it with sport and gymnastic.

At last, I want to tell you.

Don’t feel older soon. Because, if you compare it with tomorrow, you still young now…


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  1. Salamualeikoem..duh mah basa inggrisnya pusing tapi Saya suka karena sedang belajar basa Bule..Saya copy ya..thanks

    OK. Pusing, ya… ga apa2, deh. Ntar kalo dah ngerti artinya, pusingnya juga hilang, kok. Tulisan ini juga ditulisnya waktu masih kursus dulu. Lihat aja tanggal di bawahnya. Tapi insyaallah, bener. Dah di cek sama english teachernya…

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